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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pandemic-era Probate Phenomenon?

Traditionally, individuals in probate generally sold properties that they inherited within 2-6 months of Probate Filing. The Pandemic really changed that scenario. Today many folks that inherited properties are still holding onto them 12-18 months or longer. Today there are a lot of inherited properties that have not yet come on the market. These represent the pent up supply of probate properties that are just now coming available. You can rest assured that a bulk lead purchase from USPL will yield some high quality residential property gems for your team.

Who Uses Probate Leads?

Probate leads are used by Realtors, Brokers, Real Estate Investors, Mortgage companies, Lawyers and Attorneys, Title companies and many more businesses.

Why are Probate Leads so in demand?

Probate leads have always been the premier lead source for identifying distressed properties. The potential to identify highly motivated sellers who may be seeking to turn a property in their possession is at it’s peak with probate-related properties. This is unlike other distressed properties where you’re dealing with a seller who may not want to sell their house. Mortgage companies, Lawyers and Attorneys, Title companies use this information to identify properties moving through the probate process. Banks  and Credit Card companies use this data as a sanity check on services that provide Date of Death information. Typically, DoD data comes from Social Record DBs and is often very slow to post. But, we have see situations where the probate was filed within days of the passing of the Decedent.

Why Are Bulk Probate Leads “a Thing”?

Since these leads must be physically retrieved from local County courthouses they have always demanded a higher price to account for data collection costs. With the largest national network of Courthouse researchers in the country, USPL retrieves a sufficiently large quantity of leads to be able to offer them in bulk. No one else has that luxury. US Probate Leads is now offering bulk probate leads at never before seen pricing. Probate leads start at $1/lead and go as low as $0.35/lead based on volume. Our bulk probate leads are historical leads from 4 to 36 months.

What is the USPL Bulk Probate Lead Program?

The USPL bulk lead program makes leads available at the county level for any state where monthly probates in a county are more than 15 per month. This is ideal if you have Multiple Locations, a Large Sales Force or simply have a need for more High Quality Residential Real Estate leads. Bulk leads start at 2,500 and are available in the tens of thousands. The USPL Repository is loaded with Residential Property Gems.

Why should I consider Probate Leads from US Probate Leads?

We are the only company providing Probate data for every county in the US. We have been providing Probate Leads for the past 20 years. We started in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and now have a national team of researchers that allows us to provide data throughout the US. We are the acknowledged leader in Probate Data collection in the US.

Do you have leads available in my area?

USPL bulk leads are available for any county that averages at least 15 probates each month. We encourage you to use our selection tool to check out any counties that might be of interest. The tool allows you to determine how many leads are available for each individual county back 36 mos. Coupling individual counties in a Metroplex or adding counties in other parts of the country will quickly get you to a number of leads qualifying for Bulk pricing. It only takes one Gem to make this worthwhile.

What is included in a Probate Lead?

We provide Estate-related probates. Most probate courts also handle Guardianships, Conservatorships, cases pertaining to Minors, etc. We cull those records out and provide you records that have the potential for having real estate as part of the estate. You will receive Decedent Name and Last Known Address, Executor Name, Address and Telephone Number. Executor Email Addresses are available for an additional charge.

How do I use this information?

In a number of cases the Last Known Decedent Address may provide an insight into whether that property is the inherited property – unfortunately this is not always the case. However, contrary to claims by our competitors – Decedent Information collected at the courthouse does not map back to Deed Record Information. Decedent Legal names are simply not a part of Probate Record filings. This means that when trying to identify the inherited property, that information may not be in the probate record.

When attempting to use deed records to identify that property it is oft times difficult to determine which property belonged to the Decedent. Folks that make this claim (1) may not be identifying the actual inherited property or (2) probably do not provide all of the filed probate data. This means that a significant number of filings never get to the lead purchaser. We have solved this problem by providing the Executor’s contact information and recommend as Best Practice that you reach out to that individual and ask them which property is in the estate. Don’t find that your competitors are getting data from the same courthouse, and finding viable leads that you are not seeing.

Do you identify property with each lead?

We typically find that about 70-75% of the probate actions filed have real estate associated with them. Best practice is to ask the executor which property is the inherited property. You can do this by calling them, mailing them or sending an email. The process-driven lead purchaser will find that the extra effort required will yield remarkable results. The one thing that you can be assured of is that there are Residential Property Gems in our Bulk data.

What is the Difference between USPL Today and the USPL Bulk Division?

USPL Today is the same site that we have used for the last 20 years. This site is where you go to get Current Probate Data, as well as, a wide variety of Probate+ data. Prices are higher because these leads reflect the most current data available from each county and there is a cost to collect that data.

USPL Bulk Division is the latest tool in the USPL arsenal. This is where you can get historical data in quantity. Our Bulk pricing is the best in the country. Folks that have taken advantage of our Bulk pricing have been able to reach out to a large number of new client opportunities and have been very pleased with the gems that they have uncovered.

For the first time in 20 years, US Probate Leads is offering Bulk Probate Leads at our lowest prices ever. Take advantage of this special offer while it is still available.

US Probate Leads, LLC, Real Estate, Plano, TX